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In the last weeks of Dec 2021 for some nights, I dreamt of unreadable walls of code and pulsating lo-res graphics from machines and moments of my life. is an attempt to implement it. It's here:

Thanks friends! I was looking for a new with more storage, fewer cuts and still . Found it!

Now you can store Rewtro tiny in their ! , , , , in one place!

Thank the who unveils his best dish , even if it's not as good as it tastes. So thank you, Terry Cavanagh!

is a squished version of to print, doodle and play. PDF here:

(Still working on the developer ...)

Sentire dei ragazzi giovani parlare di come un business mi mette sempre una tristezza infinita.

people say Mastodon feels like the darkweb but in my day we just called this shit "the web"

Hi #mastodon, I'd like to talk about my #gamedev pet project I'm working on since 2014. 

Magazine was inspired by 80's game mags: every ~2 weeks I release a rant about stuff and a classics inspired game.
collecting game implementations can keep concepts alive and inspire others with their own.
It's licensed, includes sources of games and assets, a engine and more.
What do you think?


Two days in the same social network in the row. My best score so far :)

So, time for one of these tag-filled .

and in . Now working on . Work in a in in &d

Love , , , - mostly and . Ow. .

Totally unable of stuff. Including this very .

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