@DrEmixam Bonjour, lou.lt a du mal : les synchros avec les autres serveurs ont beaucoup de retard, et les fils mettent un temps anormalement long à s'afficher. Est-ce que le serveur va bien ? Il y a-t-il un souci technique ?

For the last session of our summer campaign, my players gifted me a customized shirt, a vinyl recorded by the main antagonist, and a terrible novel written by one of the NPCs.
That's really nice of them, and we had a terrific last session!

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I played a game of Terra Mystica with friends over the Internet. It was long, but damn was it fun. 🧙

I barely see these people once every other year, I'm glad the social distancing provided a chance for us to play together.

This year's Advent of Code was fun at first, but I'm getting tired of all the maze-solving puzzles. Today's challenge is yet another one of those, just like days 6 ,15 ,17 and 18 😐.


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I should go on holiday more often. Taking a break is bringing me so many ideas for my campaigns. Bone Marshes as an island in SFI. Getting the PCs to assassinate Kennedy to prevent WW3. An UVG – VotE mashup. A clash between Woodfall and Magical Industrial Revolution in DdP². An angel-hunting raid launched from the Dead City. An Amazonian setting for Terra X with giant amoeba, ant megacortex and horned screamers hivemind.

I might have too many ongoing campaigns…

First game of the third (and last) season of my 60s espionage campaign using White Lies. The PCs brought down a Russian agent trying to defect to the west and uncovered a plot to replace the USSR's defense minister with his brainwashed twin. Off to a great start!

I had a reflex syncope after giving blood, I feel bad for causing trouble for all the kind people here at the EFS. 😖

Also, does ursinomorph mean shaped like an urchin, or a bear? 🤔

Curses can get oddly specific… And ruin what would have otherwise been a nice picnic in the haunted necropolis. 🥪 ☀️

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Working on the floor plan of a Cyberpunk 2020 corporate HQ for Friday's game.

The base map and photo are from the Alésia Museum and Archaeological Park in Alise-Sainte-Reine, France. (I do not own these pictures.)

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