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OH YOUR GOD! Radiogarden is THE coolest thing I have seen! It is how this should have been!

Basically a map with all open broadcasts around the globe, you can zoom, move around and test different stations around the world, from Vladivostok to Patagonia


🇫🇷 Poulet mariné au piment et citron vert accompagné de bananes plantains.
Je ne m'attendais pas à ce que ce soit aussi bon 🤩 .

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@kensanata and if you end up forwarding too many ports but can't be bothered to set up a VPN, check out sshuttle

I hadn't been much into lately, but I just watched Bubblegum Crisis and damn, that retro-futuristic 80s aesthetic really has some charm to it.
Also, the soundtrack rocks. 🤘

Someone forgot their radish in the bus…

🇫🇷 J'ai écrit un jeu narratif en 10 pages sur le thème de Shadow of the Colossus, avec des mécaniques inspirées du Cadavre Exquis et du Mastermind. C'est disponible sur Trop Long Pas Lu, sous Licence Art Libre : troplongpaslu.fr/jeux-de-role-

En espérant que ça inspire quelqu'un ^^.

🇫🇷 Une feuille de personnage simple pour ma partie de "Les Experts : Barcelone" que je prépare pour vendredi, avec le système de Demon City. Mes cartes de tarot sont prêtes, on va voir ce que ça donne !

:flag-fr: Premier essai d'œufs à l'écossaise. Exécution à perfectionner :ref: .


Preparing for session 9 in the Swordfish Islands.

🇫🇷 La Tombe des Rois Serpents, la VF de Tomb of the Serpent Kings, est enfin terminée, et est disponible ici : whidou.fr/la-tombe-des-rois-se .

Un sympathique pour débutants qui introduit les concepts importants de l'exploration castrale au fur et à mesure de la progression des personnages.

The aftermath of tonight's delve into the Maze of the Blue Medusa. No deaths this time, despite nail-biting encounters with a prophetic maniphant and a riddle-prone dinosaur sphinx.


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OMG I can't believe it, they finally did it! Somebody made a graphing calculator with ~modern hardware and got it approved for use in exams!


I've been complaining about TI being able to sell their _ancient_ tech at new prices for so long. I hope TI never moves another unit

Interesting design decisions like: it has only 256KB of RAM! Software runs on bare metal without a third party kernel.

Code is CC BY-NC-ND, so not Free, but less user-hostile than I was expecting.

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Tiens sinon, j'ai répondu au 12 RPG for the 12th month quizz. 🎲blog.altay.fr/12-rpg-pour-dece

(Oui, j'ai tout fait d'un coup, je ne suis pas quelqu'un d'assez discipliné pour en faire un peu tous les jours.) mastodon.social/media/i0L7SIJ1

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And these are the companies so worried about Net Nuutrality? What a farce l.curry.com/f1g

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Registration is now Open on jackpoint.space until further notice.

Jackpoint.space is a role-playing instance for Shadowrun 5e characters. Find games, talk about strategy, or post/chat in character. Please read the community guidelines before joining.


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#Japan has a word #意識高い系(Ishiki Takai-kei), literally "the high level conscious type". Those are the people who talk about politics, social issues, or just about their own career building in the internet.

This is a very different view of the internet, which is also related to the Tatemae/Honne separation. Internet, as understood in JP culture, is for expressing your true emotion. Thus a 意識高い系 person is mocked because people perceive they bring the social mask into this supposedly private realm

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