My article about designing posters with scribus krita and Inkscape is published on -


@raghukamath I see more and more people using Krita. I have been using Inkscape and Gimp as a combo for decades, but might consider the jump. Is there a lot to re-learn interface-wise or is it organized pretty much the same way?

@Whidou Krita and GIMP are different programs targeting different use case, Krita is designed for digital painting, and GIMP for general image manipulation. there are overlaps in functionality and features but they are not alternative to each other, they compliment each other

@raghukamath Yeah, but I have been using GIMP for digital painting, that's why I was asking.

@Whidou For digital painting Krita is really great. Although gimp has been adding some painting related features now, but krita has more feature targeted towards painting. Also the UI is not similar so it might take some time to migrate

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