@Shaft Je crois que c'est surtout le flock d'une nuée d'oiseaux, c'est pour ça que leurs projets dérivés ont des noms de volatiles.

@MartinShadok Essayer un autre centre de vaccination, qui ne soit pas tenu par des charlots ?

@mdhughes Did you play the original tactical RPG Disgaea games? The first one is great, one of my all-time favourite videogames.

@piggo Coming from Microsoft, I would bet on a bug :p.

@jmettraux Ah oui, le podcast que tu as partagé ce matin. Non, jamais entendu parler avant.

@kensanata "C'est quoi, ça, l'OPML ?" would sound closest to the feel of the English sentence, IMHO.

@jmettraux @kensanata Also, it's not a big issue but "C'est quoi ?" would sound more natural.
"C'est quoi, ceci ?" sound a bit weird because "C'est quoi" il colloquial while "ceci" is from a more refined from of speech.

@MartinShadok Le choix des couleurs est tout de même pas des plus heureux ^^.

@kensanata @jmettraux Maybe I could add a line to this page to explain that we would be happy to remove a link if their author don't want to see it in the Planet anymore?

@kensanata @jmettraux Only add the second and third one, they are in the confirmed OK list, then. The first and last are pending.

For what it's worth, I don't think anyone would mind a link to their podcast. I mean, look at the other index we linked to, nobody complained.

@kensanata @jmettraux Here are the feed links I extracted from my podcast app (AntennaPod), I know for sure these work, I use them:
Du Dé au Micro: dudeaumicro.lepodcast.fr/rss
Voix d'Altaride: cendrones.fr/feed/
Radio Rôliste: radioroliste.lepodcast.fr/rss
La Cellule: feeds.feedburner.com/cellulis

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