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@DrEmixam Bonjour, j'ai une erreur 500 lorsque j'essaie de joindre une image de plus de 20 ko à un pouet, est-ce que c'est une limitation volontaire ou un bug ?

I made a Tarte Tatin, today 🍎. I didn't expect it to be that easy! Well, admittedly, I lazed out and used pre-packaged pâte feuilletée 🤫 .
Still turned out great! 🤩

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LuLu has a coupon code right now. "ONEFIVE" for 15% off any printed product.

This would be a great time to pick up a copy of my book "Deadly Dungeons" if you haven't already. Just look at that gorgeous cover! Jude the book by it! JUDGE BY THE COVER, DAMN YOU!

The treasure hunt I'm planning for my friend's birthday is starting to look like a state machine or some kind of cryptographic algorithm… 🤪
I hope it'll be convoluted enough to be fun! 😀

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Je l'ai dit, je l'ai fait, voici "Clés et pièces", un mini-JdR (4 pages) pour jouer chez soi à Fort Boyard et se prendre pour Olivier Minne 💪 et gagner plein de sous 💰 pour des associations.

À télécharger gratos ici:

After a first failed delivery, I finally received my copy of Silent Titans. Gorgeous books, for an awesome module!

🇫🇷 J'ai traduit en français la fiche de personnage de Troika! (édition numineuse), le jeu de rôle de space-fantasy délirant de Daniel Sell :

I spent last week backpacking through . Breathtaking landscapes 😍 .
Here is the sunset over the bay of Pwllgwaelod. 🌅

I was only here on Saturday. In the evening I had a great game of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells with @[email protected], blasting some space demons straight out of Doom 🤩 .

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Here is all the loot I brought back from UK Games Expo in Birmingham: the boxed set I mentioned in my previous toot ; the gorgeous new edition of Troika, with an alternate setting zine ; Mothership, awesome space-horror ; a mini-dungeon by the authors of Best Left Buried ; a deck of prototype Fellbound cards gifted by their friendly designer ; and a whole lot of business cards and flyers to keep an eye on the games to come! Glad I made the trip!

Paolo Greco gifted me a boxed set of his amazing Chthonic Codex to thank me for my involvement in the and the free publicity I have been making for his products over the years. That's so nice of him! The box even contained nice bonuses: print copies of Adventure Fantasy Game, Maze Rats and Marvels & Malisons. And it's all hand-made! ❤️

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My workflow is in dire need of an overhaul: I have a Perl script that parses a Verilog source to generate a CSV that get imported into Excel, goes through various lookup formulas, is exported by a Visual Basic macro into a C source file that is called by a C++ class compiled by various Bash scripts and Makefiles to run on a simulated target. 🤦‍♀️
And then there is the log parsing that adds another thick layer of messiness. 😥

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Trying home made duck gizzard confit for the first time. Doesn't look great but smells delicious. I can't wait to taste it tomorrow!

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American president Jimmy Carter may have been attacked by a rabbit in 1979, but it's nothing compared to French president Giscard d'Estaing, who was assaulted by a panda in 1981.

Jacob Hurst, the author of the setting Hot Springs Island, sent me this awesome lizardman t-shirt with a cool tote bag and merch, all as a gift to thank me for my involvement in the community built around his setting. That's so nice of him ❤️ .

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“The Lichway” by Albie Fiore, originally in White Dwarf 9, Oct/Nov 1978, and reprinted in The Best of White Dwarf Scenarios (Volume I) in 1980. 1/2

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