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Train was probably not the best transportation choice to travel between Scotland and Normandy 😣.

I left at 9am this morning, two trains got delayed, I'll be reaching my destination at minight 😭.

I ran "Mordiou!" in English for the folks in , we had a great time!

It's a French designed to play 3 Musketeers-like swashbuckling adventures in pseudo-Renaissance France. The social combat mechanics are fun to use every time, with memorable insults and one-liners.

The homebrewed Pommeau sure helped to get into the right mood ;-).

Breakfast in : deep-fried haggis with chips and cough-syrup-flavoured soda. Livin' the Scottish dream! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

And here is the logo that won the contest, made by another club member.
Like the previous one, it's not public domain.

Here is another proposal that lost the contest, created by a professional designer friend of mine, paid for by GMing a few games for him 😜.
I do not own this one so it's not public domain.

Here is the full version with text that I submitted to the contest.

My proposal for the new logo of my gaming club lost the popularity contest, so I hereby release its textless version into the public domain. Feel free to use it however you want. I hope it will prove useful to someone 😀.
SVG source available on request.

Home-made ebi fry. It was way tastier than the one made by the Asian restaurant down the road: it's enough to count as a success in my book! 🦐

Neighbourhood map of Corrona for tonight's game of Striscia. Political conspiracies involving the city council's members are going to be much easier to grasp with this colourful handout.

The original black & white map was made by Snorri:

This treasure hunt is taking shape! Each player will have a map like this one with a unique path on each ensuring they always travel two by two, but never with the same person.

The icons used are CC-BY-NC 3.0 by John Grümph. Check out his awesome stuff at

@DrEmixam Bonjour, j'ai une erreur 500 lorsque j'essaie de joindre une image de plus de 20 ko à un pouet, est-ce que c'est une limitation volontaire ou un bug ?

I made a Tarte Tatin, today 🍎. I didn't expect it to be that easy! Well, admittedly, I lazed out and used pre-packaged pâte feuilletée 🤫 .
Still turned out great! 🤩

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LuLu has a coupon code right now. "ONEFIVE" for 15% off any printed product.

This would be a great time to pick up a copy of my book "Deadly Dungeons" if you haven't already. Just look at that gorgeous cover! Jude the book by it! JUDGE BY THE COVER, DAMN YOU!

The treasure hunt I'm planning for my friend's birthday is starting to look like a state machine or some kind of cryptographic algorithm… 🤪
I hope it'll be convoluted enough to be fun! 😀

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Je l'ai dit, je l'ai fait, voici "Clés et pièces", un mini-JdR (4 pages) pour jouer chez soi à Fort Boyard et se prendre pour Olivier Minne 💪 et gagner plein de sous 💰 pour des associations.

À télécharger gratos ici:

After a first failed delivery, I finally received my copy of Silent Titans. Gorgeous books, for an awesome module!

🇫🇷 J'ai traduit en français la fiche de personnage de Troika! (édition numineuse), le jeu de rôle de space-fantasy délirant de Daniel Sell :

I spent last week backpacking through . Breathtaking landscapes 😍 .
Here is the sunset over the bay of Pwllgwaelod. 🌅

I was only here on Saturday. In the evening I had a great game of Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells with @[email protected], blasting some space demons straight out of Doom 🤩 .

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