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🇫🇷 J'ai fait une fiche de personnage en français pour ARC: Doom Tabletop RPG :


(non, aucun lien avec DOOM le jeu vidéo, là c'est un JDR où on annule l'apocalypse : arc-rpg.com/ )

🇫🇷 J'ai traduit en français la fiche de personnage de Mothership, JDR d'horreur spatiale ✨, si jamais ça intéresse des gens par ici :


I made an alternate map for Ultraviolet Grasslands that crosses the official one midway through:


It blew my players' minds 🤯. It was a great session 😄.


Mapping out the Sky-Blind Spire, a dungeon in non-Euclidian space 😄.

I had cut out the rooms, and was giving them one by one to the players as they discovered them.

One of my favourite Trilemma Adventures so far, we had a great time!



As a fun handout for players, I made this crazy fast-food menu with the help of the kind folks from the Ultraviolet Grasslands community:

It's a nice way to present a map 😺.


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Ma tentative d'explication #fediverse #mastodon & co avance… un peu plus d'illustrations, quelques liens dans les bulles… Merci pour les commentaires déjà reçus !
#vulgarisation #explications #workinprogress


A bare-bones map done in a hurry 10 minutes before today's session. Was still plenty useful to locate the stygian birds' nest in the ruined manor. 😀
A great start for that afterlife-themed arc of the campaign!

During the post-apocalypse, if you are lucky enough, you might be able to download a map from a still orbiting satellite.
I hope my players will like it.

J'ai traduit en français l'excellent module en une page de Will Doyle Island of the Lizard God, et c'est sous licence Art Libre !


Et la version en français 😉.
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GMed a short campaign during the second lockdown. We played N.YX, a diceless urban fantasy set in Manhattan that starts off with a lengthy collaborative setting creation. 🌆

I think we produced enough material during the world building phase to play for 20 to 30 sessions, so cramming everything into 5 sessions was probably a bit much.

Not entirely convinced by the resolution mechanics, but we had fun nonetheless! 😀

For the last session of our summer campaign, my players gifted me a customized shirt, a vinyl recorded by the main antagonist, and a terrible novel written by one of the NPCs.
That's really nice of them, and we had a terrific last session!

I played a game of Terra Mystica with friends over the Internet. It was long, but damn was it fun. 🧙

I barely see these people once every other year, I'm glad the social distancing provided a chance for us to play together.

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