Political rows in social media are the new norm. We just need to learn to adapt.

Why didn't Trump just send Kendall Jenner with a can of Pepsi to Syria?

If you're using ES6, I recommend using this library to enable rest/spread for objects. babeljs.io/docs/plugins/transf

I have mixed feelings about this...

Trump to be briefed on full range of military options in Syria: source

Going to use this instance for a much more serious stuff I guess.

Unlike my other instance, @[email protected]

Hey... how can I get those check signs people use next to their names?

Still firmly believe that Beauty and The Beast is the amazing love story about Stockholm Syndrome and how it turns one into a furry.

So my Mastodon username only applies on the server I registered on? How does this thing work?

Some profound first post on a new social media.


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