9Gag is on Mastodon, my life is complete now

On a side note, Venezuelan government has been facing protests after inconstituonally dissolving the Congress, and the surge in oil prices will probably help them regroup

Apparently, there were russians in the syrian base bombed by the USA

Syria: Apparently, the DoD notified Russia before the bombings. But still, being notified and being ok with it are two different things

Putin has in his hands the power of starting, or stopping, WW III


Would anyone be interested in a Mastodon instance hidden behind Tor?

BTW who's running this instance? ( social.lou.lt )

I see a lot of french-speaking tooters! That's cool, I'll have to up my french game, which is kind of rusty

Like, if some profile claims to be the owner of a domain like "www.famousperson.com", there should be some metadata about the Mastodon account in their website that could be read by the platform to validate that the Mastodon profile is legit

There should be a functionality equivalent to the "Verified accounts" feature in Twitter.

I think a rough version could be implemented automatically

I think that most of the early adopters for Mastodon are developer, am I right?

Cuando el medicamento para el déficit de atención te patea fuerte


When ADHD medication kicks in

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