I really don't get how/why people still glorify Elon Musk!

@skynebula He is a great story teller. He took his PayPal money and didn't just stash it. He sensed the hubris of Silicon Valley and the love of Americans for the private sector and exploits them very well. He does things where there's government money to be had.

@skynebula Always with the story telling. Every crazy idea escaping his skull becomes a 3 minute 3D animated movie that people share on social media to prove how technophile and optimistic they are. Perfect example were the Spacex intercontinental travel videos.

@skynebula And he wraps it all up in a meta narrative about saving the human race and giving it a multi planets future. It is brilliant.


@skynebula So yeah. I'm rambling. But being in his fandom has to do with communicating that you're an optimistic science oriented manly man of the 21st century unafraid of success.

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